Public Assembly is collaboration between Lynda Roberts and Ceri Hann. We are a socially engaged practice working at the intersection between art and design.

Established in 2007, Public Assembly acts as our creative laboratory, generating ideas through action.  Our practice is driven by our desire to enable others with skills and inspiration to creatively engage with their immediate environment. We work towards this by devising participatory workshops and immersive art installations. These occur within bureaucratic and educational systems and often venture out into the public realm. Our current project takes Public Assembly on the road with a mobile workshop and presentation space.


Lynda Roberts

Lynda’s practice operates at the intersection between art, design and organisational systems. Having worked across a range of contexts from local government to corporate and community sectors, she often approaches projects in-situ, developing frameworks and spatial conditions that support creative thinking through action.

Lynda currently leads the team at RMIT Creative, Student Life and has taught into the RMIT School of Art and the RMIT School of Architecture and Design, receiving an Outstanding Sessional Teaching Award: Higher Education in 2013. From 2014-17 Lynda was Senior Public Art Program Manager at the City of Melbourne. In this role she developed the Public Art Framework 2014-17 and delivered a suite of new temporary projects including Test Sites and the Melbourne Biennial Lab.

Drawing on her formative studies in architecture at Sydney University and Masters of Architecture (Research) at RMIT, Lynda is an advocate for collaborative processes and the critical role artists play within in the built environment. She is an enthusiastic participant in public forums, advisory panels and has co-facilitated a range of interdisciplinary art laboratories, including Belconnen Commons, ACT (2015), Situate Art in Festivals, Tas (2013), Splendid Lab (2010/11) and Underbelly Arts, NSW (2011).

Lynda is currently a PhD candidate at Deakin University.


Ceri Hann

Ceri is a multidisciplinary arts practitioner who develops participatory art forms intended to enhance the conditions for collective idea generation. This approach to practice often avoids categorisation, as the outcomes are intentionally defused in the wonder/wander of everyday life.

The gifting of metaphorical objects to instigate philosophical discourse stems from Ceri’s recently completed PhD research at RMIT, The Making of a Knowledge Casino (2016). The creation of low tech props for treating the urban condition as a 3D movie set were used to enable mutually inspired activities for people that may not consider themselves artists, but may become script writers of their own way to play. A link to his presentation can be found here: https://vimeo.com/200086947

Over the past ten years Ceri has been a sessional tutor and guest lecturer in the RMIT School of Art and School of Architecture and Design and has an ongoing engagement within the Art in Public Space and MFA post-graduate programs. Ceri has presented work at Gertrude Contemporary (2019), Melbourne Comedy Festival (2017), Liquid Architecture (2015), RMIT Project Space (2014) and run workshops at West Space, Blindside Sound Series and Testing Grounds.