Vox pop v2

Sound producer Dr Lisa Anderson interviewing participants.

Vox Populi: Climate of Opinion uses the communal qualities of radio to thread the gathering clouds of public opinion with a silver lining…


Building on the idea of a civic square as a space and forum for public debate, the Vox Populi: Climate of Opinon project created a temporary social platform for people to discuss their ideas, hopes and fears about the future as part of the Arena public art program for the inaugural Seven Thousand Oaks Festival.


Music, soundscapes poetry, vox pops and interviews were broadcast over the airwaves each Saturday during the four week festival. Audio pieces on the theme of the future and sustainability were put together by a range of sound producers and radio presenters and broadcast through a temporary radio station within one of Melbourne City Council’s ‘Creative Spaces’ Pylons at Melbourne City Square.


Vox pop listen

Listening in to broadcast ‘radio stems’ an aural field of sounds and opinions about the future.


Just as the wireless radio was once an opportunity for families to gather, Vox Populi asked passers-by to listen to and join a range of voices which were broadcast and heard within a field of radio stems on the grassy areas of City Square. Over the four week project, the radio stems grew in number – reflecting the number of voices engaged, broadcast and recorded to create an aural document of a new and unique climate of opinion.


The broadcast program included contributions from: Tessa Elieff;  Roger Taylor; Melissa Delaney;  John Jacobs; Jane Curtis and Lisa Anderson.